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2024 POINTS PROGRAM - sponsored by Authentic 231 


2024 POINTS Entry is available in the tower once the season opens or on our website via the SHOP tab.


Points series will be available for Brackets I, II, Pro Trophy, Advanced Juniors, Mini Juniors, Top Doorslammers, Chicks on Slicks and Money Class for $25 per class per season.  High School and Rider Class points series are a free entry.


Sign-up is available via the 'shop' tab on the website or in the tower at any point in the season. Reserved pit spots will be held until one hour prior to time trials and then become available if not in use.

Racers receive 10 bonus points for joining the program, and 5 bonus points for each race entered. Racers then accumulate 10 points per round won beginning with 2nd round. Three additional points are awarded to the winner, 2 to the runner-up and 1 to semi-finalists. One additional point will be awarded to each racer achieving perfect attendance.

All racers are tracked on our points series charts, but only those who are entered are eligible to earn end-of-season prizes. 

RESERVED PIT SPOTS: Pit spots are assigned to the top 100 points finishers (all classes combined) first. They are then assigned in order paid. The reservation list will be opened in September of the previous season and closed in the spring. All paid pit spots include a points entry. 

***Pit spots are property of Northern Michigan Dragway and are assigned to the racer/entry for the 2024 season and will be marked on the pavement in front of spot. If the spot is not occupied one-hour before the start of time trials for any given event, spot will not be held and will be open to anyone. Pit spot holders who reserve a spot but are not in regular attendance may forfeit their reserved spot.***

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