Bracket I (Box) - sponsored by Khoury Racing Engines


Any dial

Door Cars, Dragsters, Motorcycles

Electronics Permitted

Regular Event Entry $50/$20 re-entry

***Delay boxes permitted. The MSD Digital 7531, MSD Grid ARC Module 7761, and other devices used to control engine acceleration via rev limiting (stuttering) are prohibited at Northern Michigan Dragway. Devices that use slew rate or drive shaft speed to control the timing of the engine are also prohibited.

Bracket II (No Box) - sponsored by Hlavka Heating and Cooling

81 dale mardlin.jpg

Any dial

Door Cars, Dragsters, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles

No delay box - Transbrake permitted

Regular Event Entry $40/$20 re-entry

***Delay boxes must be removed.***

Pro Trophy - sponsored by SK Customs in memory of Mike Peck

80 david evans.jpg

9.99 and faster

Door Cars, Dragsters, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles

No delay box - Transbrake permitted

Regular Event Entry $20/$10 re-entry

***Delay boxes must removed.***

Special exception of 10.00 & slower for grandfathered racers with 3 ST wins, former track champions, 

or top 5 points finishers.

Street Trophy - sponsored by Eriksen's Towing & Recovery

8.00 and slower - Entry-level class** - not eligible for Points Program

Street Vehicles, Motorcycles

No delay box - Transbrake permitted

Regular Event Entry $15/$10 re-entry
Any racer who has won 3 class winner trophies at NMD must advance to another division. 


Advanced Juniors - sponsored by Thirlby Automotive       Mini Juniors - sponsored by ModuGo

78 john root.jpg

Any dial

Mini (8-11), Advanced (12+ or by choice) - cannot run both

Junior Dragsters, Go-Karts with cage, Mini-bikes

Advanced Juniors - $20 Entry/$10 Re-entry

Juniors - $10 Entry/$10 Re-entry

77 lexie sanford.jpg

Top Doorslammer  - sponsored by Grand Rapids Machine Repair


Top qualifying 8 must be 5.99 or faster

2 qualifying rounds Friday/Saturday, 1 qualifying round + eliminations Saturday/Sunday

Pro Tree 

$150 Entry

Run Order: 1 vs. 4, 2 vs. 3, 5 vs. 8, 6 vs. 7

$1200 to Win, $400 Runner-Up, $200 Semis (with a minimum of 8 entries)

Plus - consolation class for first round losers.

New for 2021: Top Doorslammer Points Program ($25 entry fee)

         10 points for each main event round win, +3 win, +2 runner-up, +1 semi

         10 point one-time bonus + 5 points per event for those entered in the program

         3 points Top Qualifier, 2 points #2 qualifier, 1 point #3 qualifier

         3 points to consolation race winner, 2 points to runner-up

STREET NIGHT  - sponsored by Thirlby Automotive


2021 Events: May 21, June 11, July 16, August 13, September 24

Street Legal Vehicles Only - Bracket Races, Full Tree - 1st Round Re-Entry Available

Street Trophy Class - $15 Entry/$10 Re-entry - 8.00 & slower

High School Class - $15 Entry/$10 Re-entry - Must be enrolled in grades 9-12 during 2021 (includes incoming freshman & graduated seniors)

Open Money Class - $500 to Win - $25 Entry/$10 Re-entry - Street Legal, Any Dial, Full Tree

Chicks on Slicks - $20 Entry/$10 Re-entry - any vehicle, any tire, chicks only (points program available - $10 one-time entry)

May compete in multiple classes

Rider Class  - sponsored by Authentic 231


Runs on the following 2021 dates: July 3, 16 & 17, August 13 & 14, September 4

Snowmobiles and Motorcycles

Full Tree 

$40 Entry - $20 1st rd re-entry

$500 to Win Guaranteed, 30% runner-up, 20% semi (split if 2)

Plus - consolation class for first round losers.

Free entry points program


Re-entry permitted with a 1st round loss only.

Re-entries will run one another before advancing to round 2.

No double entries allowed.

A driver may enter more than one vehicle, but not the same vehicle twice.

Separate drivers may enter the same vehicle.

Helmets are required for all juniors and vehicles 8.50 or faster.

Engine diaper or similarly approved Oil Retention Device required for vehicles 7.49 or faster.

For further specifications, please reference IHRA guidelines, available at: